Biker's Deo



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"For your helmet, spray the product at least 6-8 times for the best result!"

Biker Clothes

"For your jacket, spray the product at least 20-22 times for the perfect effect."

Biker Boots

"For your boots, spray the product at least 22-24 times for the best result."

Recommended by Attila Palatinus, StuntRider

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- Skin-friendly

- Alcohol-free

- Long-lasting effect

- Fragrance-free

- Fresh

- Non-corrosive

- Biker’s Deo fights unpleasant smells and corrosion. It is a spray made with a unique silver-ion technology, for use on bikers’ protective clothing to remove odours.

- Where to apply: helmet lining, the inside of all biker gear, protective gloves, and boots

- How to apply: Shake well before use. Then spray evenly on the chosen surface.

- Available as a 200 ml can that contains at least 1,000 sprays.

- Treat your new clothes’ lining before the first use, and then apply the product before each use.

- For used clothes, treat the lining evenly then apply the product after each ride.

- We recommend treating street and off-road protective gear’s liners.

- For new helmets, it is recommended to apply the product evenly on the inside, then repeat after each ride.

- For used helmets, treat the inside evenly with Biker’s Deo then use regularly after each ride.

How does Biker’s Deo work?

With Silver-Ion technology.


Silver ions attach to the bacterial cells and damage the cell walls so the silver ions can get inside. The silver ions block the metabolism of the cells which leads to their decay, while also stopping the reproduction of the cells. Therefore, the treated clothes do not have unpleasant smells.



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